Fines are set by the State of Maryland.

In non-MUST APPEAR  matters, there will be a pre-set fine on your ticket. You can pay that fine, or choose not to pay the fine, and notify the Court (on the ticket) that you want a hearing. Do not forget to mail this response in within the time provided on the ticket.

If you go to Court to contest a ticket, or tickets, the fine automatically jumps to a potential $500 fine per ticket.

The Judge will decide, after your hearing, whether you are guilty or not-guilty of the offense(s).

If guilty, the Judge will have the authority to Order you to pay $500, for each ticket you were found guilty on, or significantly less than the $500. Usually, Judges Order Defendant’s to pay less than the $500 fine.

In MUST APPEAR matters, there is no pre-set fine. The fines are to be determined following your appearance in Court, and after being found guilty on whatever the MA offense(s) is/are.

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