Digital Forensics and Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

forensics Electronically Stored Information (ESI) means data or computer files. In today’s environment, ESI is a major part of any legal case. ESI can be on a computer, cell phone, external memory device, network/file server, camera, memory card/chip, or any other electronic storage device/media. This data is vital in revealing proof of assets, movements of money, business cash flow, online activities and/or specific litigation relevant communications between people. Once discovered, this data is produced in documented form for evidentiary/litigation purposes.

Wendy Satin Law utilizes and capitalizes on ESI in our cases so that we do not miss critical evidence. As ESI becomes more commonplace, attorneys, judges and juries expect it. We know that identifying, preserving, and producing ESI properly is more important than ever before. Wendy Satin Law understands and appreciates the significant volume of information that can be recovered by digital forensic experts. We are trained to know that the data visible to common users of computers and cell phones represents a fraction of the data that is actually on the device. Computer forensics experts equipped with extremely powerful equipment, software, and substantial training are able to recover, in some cases, years’ worth of user activity including tens of thousands of communications. Our law firm is allied with these experts and we have full real-time access to digital forensics2forensics lab resources that dwarf those of almost all law enforcement labs anywhere in the United States and in fact the world. Our attorneys have the requisite knowledge and training to direct these expert computer forensic resources in furtherance of our client’s interests and obtain the acquisition of ALL relevant ESI. We then leverage the information and the evidence obtained in the ways most beneficial to our Clients. We are experienced in directing our expert resources in their efforts to:


  1. Recover historical and current banking and other asset transaction activity, active data, hidden data and deleted data. This includes the discovery of hidden or undisclosed accounts. Even if the user has taken steps to hide this information, a trained computer forensic expert will find it.
  2. Recover stored communications including texts, emails, instant messaging, calls, video calls (Skype), and other communication artifacts, active, hidden and deleted.
  3. Recover financial application database files, deleted, transmitted, undeleted.
  4. Recover evidence of adultery, extramarital dating, and stored communications and planning counter to the interests of one spouse and the marriage
  5. Discover deleted or undeleted digitally stored evidence of crimes running the full spectrum from embezzlement, tax evasion, online stalking/threats, prostitution, child sex offenses, and murder
  6. Discover proof, extent, and nature of pornography usage/access
  7. Discovery and document the usage of spyware, key loggers, and other examples of “hacking” directed at and victimizing our clients and or their business interests

In addition to being able to identify ESI that is critical to your case, our computer forensic experts can assist you when ordered to preserve or produce ESI. In today’s environment, it is important that this is done properly to ensure full compliance and avoid spoliation claims, as well as avoiding a situation where you needlessly “give away the farm”. The attorneys at Planta & Satin have undergone one-on-one training by a leading digital forensics expert. We are not just knowledgeable of the relevant case law and usage of the ESI evidence but we understand how important ESI can be to any case.

Wendy Satin, Attorney at Law, located in Rockville, Maryland provide qualified representation for residents of Maryland. Our knowledge and experience in ESI helps improve your chances of seeing a positive outcome to your day in court.


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