Family & Criminal Defense Law

Attorney Wendy Satin practices Family Law and Criminal Defense Law. She brings a wealth of trial experience coupled with calm, straightforward approaches and keen legal acumen to Wendy Satin Law. Ms. Satin is regarded as one of the best lawyers in the State of Maryland.

Ms. Satin brings her vast trial experience and empirical knowledge to the table, whether the job is big, or small. All cases are “big” to the person at risk, or experiencing the breakdown of their family, and they deserve to have someone with a thorough and realistic grasp of the law, and judicial system, supporting and helping them in their time of need.

Legal problems can arise unexpectedly. Ms. Satin understands that when they do, one can be forced to defend himself, herself or their family, but may not have the cash on hand to hire counsel. Wendy Satin Law provides a range of payment options at this difficult time.

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