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Divorce is never a simple thing, even when it’s not contested. When you add issues like marital property division, child custody and support, spousal support and all the emotion that goes with them, it can become incredibly difficult.

If you’re facing a divorce, mediation can provide you with some important benefits that benefit both parties. Contact Wendy Satin Law today by calling 301-762-1000.  We are located in Rockville, MD within Montgomery County and the District of Columbia and our attorneys have significant experience in the area of divorce mediation.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is an important alternative to going through a drawn-out court process. It’s used in virtually all areas of law where two parties must come to a mutual agreement, and is gaining momentum as a method of settling divorces. Divorce mediation can be a delicate thing, considering the highly charged emotional environment, but the attorneys at Wendy Satin Law have the experience, knowledge and education necessary to help you through the process.

During divorce mediation, you and your spouse will meet with a neutral mediator. The mediator doesn’t offer legal advice or counsel, but will help the two of you come to an agreement regarding the various aspects of your divorce.

The first session will include the mediator’s intake consultation. Immediately after that, you and your spouse will begin discussing the many important factors of your divorce. This can include areas like child custody, property division, alimony and more. You and your spouse are also free to consult attorneys during the mediation process to ensure that you can move forward as each begins to understand the other’s requests or demands in the divorce.

What Can Be Addressed during Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is scalable, and can include any and all aspects of the divorce case. In most instances, mediation will help you and your spouse handle your entire divorce, but it can also be designed to handle specific topics only.

These can include:

Your individual situation may vary, and the scope of your mediation should hinge on your specific needs. In this way, you and your spouse can reach an agreement on most of the important items in your case, and then seek legal guidance for those on which you cannot agree.

Do I Need a Maryland Divorce Attorney with Mediation?

Both you and your spouse should have your own divorce attorneys during the mediation process. The mediator is a neutral party, and cannot provide legal guidance. However, you do not have to retain a Maryland divorce attorney until mediation is underway, as this provides you with the means to seek expert legal counsel on only those specific items on which you and your spouse were not able to reach an agreement, saving you both time and money. It is generally recommended that each party should retain their own legal counsel prior to the conclusion of mediation, as Maryland law requires the Property Settlement Agreement/Separation Agreement drafted during mediation be approved by an attorney for each party.

Many couples today are choosing to settle their divorce using mediation, as it allows them to save time and money, and it can also help diffuse some of the highly charged emotions in the case. By working with your spouse to reach a mutual agreement, it’s possible to take some of the stress, anger and frustration out of your divorce.

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