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When most people think of divorce, they picture the image portrayed so often in the media or by friends and family who suffered through the same fate – a once-happy couple now reduced to name-calling and vitriol in a court of law. Vicious, drawn-out, costly and emotionally devastating, does not have to be your way forward.

Working with a collaborative divorce attorney can allow you and your spouse to reach reasoned, mature decisions regarding the dissolution of your marriage. Contact our collaborative divorce attorneys located in Rockville, MD at Wendy Satin Law at 301-762-1000 in the heart of Montgomery County.

How Is the Process Different From Contested Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a type of alternative dispute resolution. Choosing to settle your divorce in this manner gives you and your spouse the ability to work together toward a mutually beneficial resolution.  Collaborative law is designed to help you and your partner collaborate in a mature, responsible, transparent manner.

Both parties typically sign a participation agreement which defines how and where the two of you and your attorneys will work toward a resolution. Both parties pledge not to go to court in pursuit of their demands in the divorce. Instead, you will meet and work together to arrive at a reasonable agreement that benefits both of you, as well as any children in the divorce.

Through this process, you and your spouse will eventually reach what is called a Settlement Agreement. This agreement will be filed with the court for approval of your local judge.  It’s far faster and more affordable for both parties than a contested divorce, and because you and your spouse are able to reach agreeable terms together, rather than having demands forced on you in court, the result is often far better than what is possible through a contested divorce.

Which Parties Are Involved in a Collaborative Divorce?

The actual number of people involved in a collaborative divorce can vary depending on the situation and issues in question. Both you and your spouse will be involved, of course, and it’s considered good practice for each party to have their own separate attorney. In addition, you may both jointly agree to bring other experts into the process, including child specialists or financial planners and accountants to help answer questions, provide expert advice in their particular area, and to move the process forward toward an agreeable solution.

What Can Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Maryland Help You Resolve?

The collaborative divorce model is ideal for settling almost any type of disagreement in a divorce. This can include everything from child custody to tax matters and allocation of debt between the two parties. It can also include property division, visitation, spousal support and more. With two partners dedicated to transparency, honesty and reaching a mutually agreeable decision, it’s possible to settle all divorce-related questions outside a court of law.

Do All Divorce Attorneys Practice Collaborative Law?

The short answer is no.  Many attorneys claim to work “collaboratively”, but the collaborative process is actually well defined as part of the broader section of law under alternative dispute resolution. If you’re serious about settling your divorce without going to court, it’s imperative that you consider an attorney with significant experience and a proven track record in this area of law, such as Wendy Satin of Wendy Satin Law.  Ms Satin is trained and experienced in Collaborative Divorce and is a member of CDRP (Collaborative Divorce Resolution Professionals) and the IACP (International Academy of Collaborative Professionals).

Working with collaborative divorce attorneys in Maryland can offer significant benefits over the traditional courtroom-based divorce. Wendy Satin Law in Rockville, MD to discuss your case today and learn more about how collaborative law works and the benefits available.