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Family law is a vast area with a broad range of potential subjects. These include child support, divorce, visitation, alimony, custody, child representation and many others. All of them are highly emotional, and require knowledgeable guidance to navigate.

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Understanding Family Law

Family law is civil law, and the Rockville family court attorneys at Wendy Satin Law, have experience helping clients through a range of difficult situations. All areas of family law are highly emotional, as they speak directly to a significant life change for Maryland residents. Divorce is never easy, and determining child custody can be an emotionally devastating process for the entire family. In divorce, custody and visitation cases, there are usually two attorneys – one for each spouse.

While family law falls under the umbrella of civil law, which means no criminal charges will be addressed during the case, that doesn’t mean these cases are simple and clear-cut. Often, family law cases are more difficult to endure because of their emotional nature and their complexity. Each case will vary from the next – all situations are unique. No two divorces are alike, and can be complex depending on the assets in question. You need knowledgeable legal guidance and representation throughout the entire process.

Types of Family Law

As mentioned above, family law is a vast area that touches on a myriad of legal subjects. This is civil law, as opposed to criminal law, and it is also comprised of very sensitive topics. Child support, divorce, and visitation are some of the most common elements of family law in Rockville, MD and Montgomery County, but there are many others, including the division or marital property, and child representation. The Rockville family court attorneys at Wendy Satin Law have experience navigating these emotional areas and can help you begin to move your life forward once more. The Rockville family court attorneys at Wendy Satin Law have experience with a range of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce: The state of Maryland recognizes both absolute and limited divorces, and we have represented clients during both.
  • Custody: Divorce can result in many different custody arrangements, including sole legal and joint legal custody.
  • Visitation: Fair visitation is vital for both the noncustodial parent and the child’s health and well-being. We can help ensure equitable visitation schedules.
  • Child Support: We ensure fair and accurate child support in the divorces we represent.

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