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No divorce is simple, but the presence of children can complicate matters greatly. Divorcing couples with children have a number of things that must be addressed that are not present in a divorce for a couple without children. Child support  and visitation are two examples, but there are others, ensuring the child’s best interests are always being protected.

An attorney experienced with father’s rights can help ensure that dads’ rights are upheld throughout the process, and that the best interests of the child or children are being protected as well. Contact the father’s rights attorneys in Rockville, MD at Planta & Satin, LLC, to discuss your case by calling 301-762-1000.

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The Changing Face of Divorce

Once upon a time, the rights of fathers weren’t all that important to the court. The stereotypical situation was considered the “norm” which meant that typically mothers were awarded physical custody. Things have changed today.

More and more fathers are finding that their rights matter. Fathers have changed as well – today, more men are willing to take on the primary nurturing, caring role once only applied to mothers. A Maryland father’s rights attorney can help ensure dads are able to remain active parts of their children’s lives.

Why Work with Father’s Rights Attorneys?

As with most legal situations, the earlier you can get specific guidance on your particular situation, the better.  This is especially true with divorce and father’s rights issues, as anything that you voluntarily agree to during the initial stages of the divorce process may be taken into consideration by the courts.

You can avoid a bad scenario by ensuring that the attorney you hire at the beginning of the divorce will fight for your rights. If you are contemplating not hiring a divorce attorney because your spouse has one and initiated the divorce action, understand that you also need representation during the process. Your spouse’s attorney will be fighting for her rights and the best outcome for her – you need someone in your corner.

A father’s rights attorney in Maryland can help fathers with a range of important issues, including:

  • Ensuring you are paying a fair amount in child support, without shorting your child or yourself
  • Ensuring that you are able to play a significant role in your child’s life through visitation and holidays
  • Ensuring that your child’s best interests are protected in terms of physical custody

Child Support, Visitation & Alimony Issues

Child support is set based on a complex mathematical algorithm or computer model. Ultimately, it’s supposed to be fair for both parties involved. All too often, child support amounts are seemingly unfair to the father, the most common noncustodial parent.

Divorce can also be unfair in matters of visitation and custody. Fathers are often relegated to seeing their children every other weekend and every other major holiday. For a growing number of dads, that’s simply not enough. You want to be an integral, vital part of your child’s life, and four days out of the month may not be enough to do that.

Another area where father’s rights come into play is alimony, also called spousal support.  As with child support, alimony can be complex and can potentially be negotiated directly via mediation prior to your court dates.  In these cases, it’s critical to have a father’s rights attorney who has experience with the application of spousal support calculations here in the local Maryland and Washington DC court systems.

Contact the father’s rights attorneys at Planta & Satin, LLC, in Rockville, MD to discuss your case and how to protect your rights.